Your San Mateo Handymen Excel in Home Safety

our Handymen in San Mateo always discuss the safety of seniorsOne of the most popular jobs that we do in San Mateo is what we call a home safety inspection and fix. Our handyman will do a full home inspection looking for trip and fall hazards, dangerous areas for toddlers and the elderly, and some hidden dangers that might be present in the home.

Many of the "fixes" we suggest are simply removing things like high pile rugs around toilets and low ottomans in the living spaces that encroach on walkways. We also suggest that all carpet runners are permanently attached to the flooring and all of the edges are secured. Anything that can cause a senior a fall is something we definitely will handle.

Our San Mateo handyman service will also look at the more labor intensive fixes that can make a home senior friendly. The first thing to look at is whether there are potential slip hazards in the home. Any area of linoleum or tile flooring that can become slippery when wet should be replaced with low pile carpeting. This will create areas of high traction that don't become hazards if there happens to be a spill.

The most hazardous room in the home for the elderly is the bathroom. We suggest installing a walk in shower fitted with a shower stool and handrails. We also will put in textured flooring or shower mat to ensure that there is good traction so there is a reduced chance of falls. While this fix isn't the cheapest thing on the list, it's a lot less expensive (and painful) than a slip and fall and months of rehab.

Securing the Stairs

two San Mateo Handymen install new deck railingAnother area we like to focus on is staircases. Every staircase should have a solid railing that is in good repair. This is essential to give an older person a source of stability while traversing stairs.

While these are just a few of the major areas that can be made safer for an older individual or couple, every home has unique areas that can pose added danger. Our handymen in San Mateo can do preventative checks on all of the major appliances, electrical systems and mechanical devices on the property to make sure everything is in good working order. We can even suggest new furniture, cabinet shelving and senior friendly design options to make the home more efficient as well as safer to live in. Give our handyman service a call today and see how we can make your life easier.

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